Personal Testimonials

“I would like to thank Marie Rasmussen for a wonderful afternoon allowing me to see the beauty of being an empowered women! Through Marie’s inspiring message and even her beauty secret insights, I learned that I AM a beautiful, strong AND capable woman!!!! Thank you Marie!”

“As a doctor, I am living an amazing life that I had worked hard and trained for and love. At the same time, I realize there is more that inspires me in medicine and being able to help others that is beyond a traditional practice. I know now, that I have the power to pursue it and my ultimate purpose. Thank you Marie.”

“I discovered some awesome new ways to take care of the health of my skin that brings out more vibrancy naturally while reducing fine lines. I learned some basic habits I had were causing damage to my skin and aging my skin.”

Terri Broker

“The Power of Choice webinar solidifies that being sexy is an art of choice, MY CHOICE, and XCIUM backs that choice with motivation, inspiration, and support from empowered women who are just like me.”

Jessica Nicole Sanchez

“I want to thank you for brining your program to our office. It is refreshing to have a seminar designed for women presented by women.

I heard nothing but positive comments from all the ladies who attended and I could see them in the days following making some changes based on what they heard from you. There is no doubt in my mind that many can benefit from your message. I look forward to the next time you’re in our area. Thanks again.”

Jim Morrelli | Manager/ Barbara Sue Seal Realty

“Marie is strong, confident and passionate about bringing out the best in other women. I’m inspired to be FABULOUS at any age!”

Leslie C.

“We would like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in your seminar for business women. As women in the professional business world, it was wonderful to have the areas of leadership, teamwork, communication and self-image covered in a seminar designed especially for us – business women. This is a course all professional women can benefit from, especially in a large group setting. We the staff, thoroughly enjoyed the course and wish your business the best of success. “Certainly your business will be a big factor in the lives of many women of all ages.”

Beth Ann Syjud | “ARM” Pinnacle Family of Business

“We thank you for the valuable information presented to the Barbara Sue Seal team. The seminar was very outstanding and professionally presented, plus kept everyone interested and involved at all times. Lots of notes taken and questions asked. I felt the ladies had lots of questions because they were very interested in what you had to share. (Presented very different from most seminars.) In my 22 years in the real estate field we have never had this kind of program brought to the women in the working force. We look forward to your return. Great job—well done!”

Joyce Morrelli | Realtor / Barbara Sue Seal Realty

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